After a state tournament run by the Augusta girls basketball team last season, Tracy Anderson has stepped down as head coach. In the fall, Anderson will work as a counselor at East High School in Wichita.

Augusta has selected former assistant coach Rainey Maloy to take over the program. Malloy has been an assistant coach with the Orioles for the last six seasons.

“I’m excited to take the program in the direction that I think is going to be best for us,” said Maloy.

I’m excited to continue on the success we had the past couple years, and build on that.”

Maloy and Anderson have a connection that goes beyond their time together at Augusta. When Malloy was a senior at Augusta High School, Anderson recruited her to play college basketball at Newman University, where she was coaching at the time.

“[Maloy] is extremely smart. She was really smart as a player and is really smart as far as her basketball I.Q.” said Anderson

“That shows in her coaching too. She’s really good with X’s and O’s, and she’ll know how to put the team in a good position to be successful.”

The decision to leave Augusta was a tough one for Anderson, who decided to do what was best for her family when East High School pursued her for the counseling position.

“I will really miss the kids. I was extremely happy there. I’ll miss coaching that group,” said Anderson.

Last year, the Orioles qualified for the state tournament for the first time in 11 seasons, and the Orioles will return many key players from that team.