The El Dorado school district has hired Scott Vang as the Activities/Athletic Director. Vang has been coaching at Goddard High School since 2007, and has been the head football coach for the last six seasons. The Goddard football program has improved tremendously since Vang took over, with the Lions winning 11 games in each of their last two seasons.

Before his time in Goddard, Vang held teaching and coaching positions at Wichita Northwest, Wichita South, and Wichita East.

Vang believes El Dorado has potential to flourish in the near future.

“The partnerships they have with the YMCA and the JuCo, all that stuff is good and I think El Dorado really has an opportunity to explode and be a quality program in every aspect,” said Vang.

“I am a true believer that a one-school town is the place to be. All your resources can be directed in one direction. I always thought El Dorado had a chance to be a place that could be really good. From the outside, they have not really had great teams year in and year out, but they have been doing a lot of good things.”

Vang will begin his new duties on July 1, and is eagerly awaiting the new challenge.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge more than anything else… I’m a true believer that we need to be good at everything — all the sports, and all the activities. That takes effort, that takes money, that takes want-to, it takes kids, it takes families getting behind it.”