Oh dear, Mike Pompeo.

Everything was going so well. You went from being a U.S. representative for Kansas to CIA director to the office of secretary of state. You were being courted by Mitch McConnell to run for the Senate from your state, but why bother thinking about that when the presidency itself glittered in the distance?

You were even named one of the Kansans of the Year by The Topeka Capital-Journal.

Then things started to go a little cross-eyed. You erupted in fury at a reporter for doing her job — asking pointed questions — and then suggested that she lied about the encounter.

And now Steve Linick, the inspector general for the State Department, has been fired. On a Friday evening, no less, which is a surefire sign that skulduggery is afoot. Word on the street is that he was investigating arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the possibility you used government employees to do your household chores.

Oh dear, Mike Pompeo.

And do we have to talk about the Madison dinners? We’re afraid that we do. You held some two dozen of these exclusive soirees, which State Department employees worried were being used to build your political ambitions rather than support your actual job.

Not a good look, we’re afraid. According to NBC news, which reported all of the juicy details, you brought in a harpist for the cocktail hours, where a motley crew of business leaders, politicians, media figures and celebrities mingled.

Then there’s role of your wife. Which, again, just makes us uncomfortable to talk about, but here we are.

“Officials involved in carrying out the dinners say all the information collected by the State Department during the invitation process, including the names and contact information for potential guests, is emailed back and forth to Susan Pompeo's private Gmail account,” NBC reported. “Two congressional officials expressed concern that information could then be used by Pompeo as a potential donor Rolodex if he runs for office again.”

After Republicans pilloried Hillary Clinton repeatedly for a private email server, it’s pretty rich that your wife was using a private email account to set up these events, isn’t it?

Listen, Secretary Pompeo. We like you. Plenty of Kansans like you, too. But just because we like you doesn’t mean that we’re blind. You seem to be getting a little full of yourself these days. This isn’t all about you. It’s about our country, especially as we face down a pandemic.

In other words, if you are still considering returning to Kansas for that Senate run, you might want to lose the harpist.