Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: Ford County reaches 1,232 cases with eight deaths, 27 hospitalizations

Chris Milo: But yet we're opening the city back up like it's nothing? Wake up dodge city this is real and we need to get it under control

DeEtta Cobra: If they plants must stay open, the local government should have enough sense to continue to keep people at home to stop the spread.

Chris Murphy: A few of things:

1. You know that you can eat foods that aren't meat, right?

2. If we had sufficient testing (which we don't because Trump has completely screwed up the response to this pandemic, starting with DISBANDING the pandemic unit tasked with preparing the nation for this kind of thing back in 2018) this outbreak wouldn't have happened in Dodge.

3. I'm sure you want your hamburger, but who's going to run the plant if EVERYONE working at the plant is sick or actually dying? We have to face facts - the people in power from the president to the people running the meat plant, failed to take the pandemic seriously.

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Linn County businesses challenge county order requiring records be kept on customers

Mck Seymour: I wish they would make not wearing a mask in public a punishable offense. These are serious times. If our citizens cannot do one simple thing such as wearing a mask, that protects the other citizens, then we as a country, are seriously failing each other. It isn't about your 'rights' being trampled upon. It is about protecting each other.

Dee Hogue Klausman: Why are people freaked out about doing anything for the common good or even for their own good which is what contact tracing is? Are we that self absorbed now or just ignorant? What’s happened to loving thy neighbor and looking out for those less able?

Phyllis Winslow: It's pretty easy to set a spiral notebook by the door and have customers write their name and address down as they come in. As far as privacy, they most often shop using a debit/ credit card or check, so it's not any invasion.

Jeanne Ommerle: Wow, what’s spreading faster than the virus is paranoia. Advice from the hot zone: mask up, respect your doctors, nurses, hospital staff and EMS workers, and if you’re a praying person, pray, because this is one gawdawful disease that you do NOT want to get or pass onto any fellow man, woman, or child. Knowledge is power.

Garden City Telegram Facebook: Finney County Commission votes 4-1 to begin governor's phase one

Seth Cramer: I can, possibly, see an argument to be made that we shouldn't have been under a stay-at-home order quite as early. However, we can't go back and change the past, and we still have not even hit our peak, let alone seeing our cases decline as health experts (and even the Trump administration) said should be happening before we decide to open back up. Bottom line, this decision will cause many more people to be infected, and will very likely cause more deaths than would have otherwise happened.

Kayla Thomas: No matter the decision: staying shut down or opening up, the lives of everyone is being impacted. There is more than one side to this situation. It sucks either way you look at it.

Eli Soukup: Nothing should have been shut down in the first place!!!!!!