Kansans appreciate Sen.Roberts’ work on coronavirus relief funding, specifically for community health and small businesses. Apart from this, he is actively connecting to his constituents. Recently, we had the opportunity to have a virtual meeting with his office and heard about his leadership in introducing bipartisan legislation called the FORWARD Act to expand support for U.S. companies that invest in development of vaccines and technologies.

We, as K-State seniors, are grateful for this robust funding as we prepare for our transition into the workforce.

As the chairman of the Senate Ag committee Sen. Robert's office shared his contributions toward supporting rural Kansas, intrinsically linking Kansas State with its commitment to agriculture. Additionally, what we are noticing is that our fellow students are also greatly affected by food insecurity while pursuing their education.

During these times, these struggles faced by students, as well as staff members, have been amplified. With limited access to food banks, we would like to see a 15% increase in SNAP funding in the next coronavirus relief funding to combat food insecurity and ensure our Kansans are healthy, as we build our economy back to health.

Melissa Bryan, Topeka, and Pranav Savanur, Manhattan