It seems that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel because now even the Republicans are upset with Susan Wagle for holding up progress for the needed Medicaid for 13,000 low-income Kansas adults and children, which will also affect our economy.

I read articles in the newspapers where others write in to express their dislike of the handling and claiming that she really cares for Kansans.

I have a question of my own for Susan Wagle, "Why didn't you, along with your other party members, question or oppose any of the ill ideas Brownback proposed?" No, you went along with them, and that cost this state millions of dollars that are yet to be paid off in full, such as KPERS and the Department of Transportation as well as others.

We also lost a lot of good teachers. All these bad choices and decisions that Susan Wagle is making are holding much-needed health care from those in need.

Brownback and Kobach misrepresented the people of Kansas, therefore they are no longer among us. Now Susan Wagle wants to run for Sen. Pat Roberts' seat in the next election, but I say, "We can do better!"

She continues to disrespect 130,000 low-income families, adults and children that are in desperate need of help — our help. So let's not turn our backs on them. We need Medicaid expansion passed. Let's not hold those 130,000 Kansans hostage just because she can't get her way.

With this coronavirus, we are going to need Medicaid expansion in a very big way.

Alexander G. Sanchez, Salina