Many Kansans will not have to choose between exercising their right to vote and staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. Every registered Democrat in Kansas will receive a ballot in the mail beginning March 30 to vote in the Kansas Democratic Presidential Primary.

At a time when many states, including Missouri, are postponing elections, Kansas stepped up before the current crisis hit by implementing early voting, mail-in voting and ranked choice voting in its 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary.

Not only will Kansas Democrats not have to potentially risk their health by going to the polls, but they also will be able to rank the four candidates still on the ballot. Close to 2.2 million votes have been cast so far throughout the country in the Democratic Presidential Primary on withdrawn candidates. By utilizing ranked-choice voting on their ballots, Kansas Democrats will have zero wasted votes in 2020.

Ranked-choice voting works at every level from municipal to state to federal. It saves money, time and resources, at a time when budget dollars are crucial to address major issues that people care about in Kansas.

It would be great to see ranked choice voting, as well as mail-in voting in more elections going forward.

Jason Grill, Kansas City, Kan.