Not known for his biting humor. Adlai Stevenson found himself in a situation in California where someone at a campaign rally needled him to the point where his take on the man was this: "He is the only man I know who could chop down a giant sequoia and stand on the stump and deliver a speech on conservation."

I cite this quip because Trump immediately came to mind when I read it.

King Con Don is, at best, a stand-up tragicomedian, whose ill-fated humor often dies beyond his adoring crowds at campaign rallies. At worst, he is an utter failure as director of a White House reality show that must be canceled for bad acting, scripts, stage props and the worst directing in American history.

At the voting booth, no matter who the candidate is facing him, the people must convey the message "You're fired!" And, "Go back and compete with the Kardashians!"

Or the alternative is bleak. Currently we're not living in a vibrant democracy of healthy checks and balances. Rather, we seem to be living restlessly in an emergent Christian nationalist state of unhealthy Trump-checks and gross imbalances.

Maybe a real political revolution could be an evolution of political thought, backed by meaningful action, not angry words leading to worthless inaction.

Joel Holmes, Hays