For those who have followed the Kansas City Chiefs for years, for decades, the spectacle of their comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday was more than a win. It was more than a Super Bowl championship.

It was more than words can say.

For the countless numbers of us who sat in front of the television set (or in Arrowhead Stadium if we’re so lucky) with our parents, then by ourselves, then with our children, the day seemed like it would never come. We had the coaching. We had the players. But the Chiefs never pulled it all together, not all the way, not to that single pinnacle.

Sure, we had Super Bowl IV. But as the years, as the decades passed, that felt like cold comfort. And it was only the fourth one, for goodness’ sakes. The Super Bowl kept growing in importance, and the Chiefs kept missing it.

So to see it unfold in real time on Sunday — to see quarterback Patrick Mahomes engineer another late-game comeback, to see Coach Andy Reid revel in his own long-delayed Super Bowl win — it was more than just a game. It was more than just a big game.

It was more than words can say.

For those of us in Kansas and Missouri (and criticism of President Trump’s geographically challenged tweet aside, those of us on the Kansas side very much claim this team), the win is about respect and honor and recognition long delayed. Much like this area of the country, the Chiefs were long excellent but dismissed. They couldn’t go all the way.

Well, now they did. Now we did. And while the victory is very much the team's and Reid’s, it’s one that we all share. It’s for those of us who watched and waited.

The Chiefs will be celebrated with a parade Wednesday, and there’s no doubt it will be overwhelming and crowded and magnificent. Thousands will turn out to welcome the team, to show the Chiefs what they mean to us. It’s richly deserved.

But those of us who might not be able to make it — because of work or family or a myriad other conditions — are no less enthused. We are there in spirit, along with the host of others who pulled for this day over the last half-century and are no longer with us.

It is, really, more than words can say.

Congratulations, Chiefs.