This is Chiefs Kingdom.

It stretches from western Kansas into Missouri and even into parts of Nebraska and Iowa. Of course, arguments can be made the kingdom is much larger than just those four states. At the moment, Miami looks pretty red.

This is home.

It’s a land where barbecue reigns supreme and the fans are, well, loud and proud.

There’s a special feeling in the air at the moment though. Across this kingdom, you’ll find folks dressed in red and gold and smiles abounding because today’s a special day in this kingdom. The phrase ‘How ’bout those Chiefs?!’ is inescapable. Today, for the first time in 50 years the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl. That’s right, the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl.

Take a moment to savor this feeling, Chiefs fans. This is a moment you’ll talk about for years to come. And for those of you lucky enough to make it down to Florida, please don’t rub it in too much for the rest of us.

The sports section may give an unbiased coverage of the game, but on the opinion page, we’re all about the Chiefs. Your success is our success.

This is a moment many fans have waited their entire lives for. The Chiefs have seen great successes in the past only to have their hopes dashed in the playoffs.

Great players like Derrick Thomas, Preist Holmes, Tony Gonzales, Marcus Allen and so many others gave the franchise many reasons to cheer, but never a championship.

Obviously there’s something special about this team Coach Andy Reid has assembled. Patrick Mahomes and his crew are fun to watch. And the way they win is always thrilling.

To win the AFC Championship and make it to the Super Bowl is a huge accomplishment. And to do it in a come-from-behind style win twice. Wow, that was thrilling. We’re hoping we see another game worth talking about. We’re confident the Chiefs will live up to the hype.

What we’re trying to say is have fun today. Enjoy every minute of it. Put on your red, gather with your friends, stock up on your favorite snacks and root on the Chiefs.

We also hope that those of you who don’t support the Chiefs will consider pulling for the locals. Because for at least an evening all eyes or on the people representing our flavor of the Midwest. That’s special and, frankly, rare.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Chiefs Kingdom. Go Chiefs!