Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Hutchinson News Facebook: Raising money for a new K9 kennel

John Countryman: Talk to local contractors about possibly donating time and materials. Seek your community's support. Go door to door at businesses in town if you have to. I can't spare money, but I can spare some time to assist with construction.

John Countryman: Another avenue you could reach out to is your state National Guard units. Sometimes they are looking to assist the local communities with projects.

Katelynn Witt: why don't you stop buying brand new police cars all the time and maybe then you could afford to fix this


Salina Journal Facebook: GOP House members storm deposition

Nancy Garver: When our government rules behind closed doors it is all over. Some real patriots need to rise up. This WAS a great, free country at one time.

Andrea Pfeifer: They broke the rules of the House and put our nations security at risk, nobody should find that acceptable.

JeanAnne Herdman Kettler: I think they are afraid of the facts. Maybe they should not want the facts out there. They will be soon enough.

Susan Harvey Hammond: Did it work? Was that a wise use of time and effort? Who orchestrated it? Who knew about it ahead of time? Who encouraged/discouraged it?


Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins defends vote against Syrian resolution

Frank D. Taff: That's the Republican way. They put party over country every day. I say NO resignation deal for The Donald. I want to see him "hot cotting" in Leavenworth with El Chopo.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: I sent him a message afterwards telling him as a former soldier he should be ashamed of himself. I said I wanted a response. Still waiting.

Robert Tharp: Voting 'no' on an overreaction was a smart vote.

Bob Smith: Y'all punks that think we should stay should demand congress authorize military action,or declare war..


Teen describes five days in Kansas foster care system

Katelynn Oakman: ms. KUTZ IS A DAMN LIAR! It’s very typical for children to bounce from home to home. I’ve never seen a worker take a child’s clothes to a laundry mat or have a local non-profit allow a kid to shower....

Kids bounce from home to home when the first come in because THERES NOT ENOUGH FOSTER HOMES! And KVC case teams are rarely supportive enough of any kind of placement.

MANY kids go without clothes, meds, etc. annnnd lose placement because KVC doesn’t ensure they get what they need!

And if you’re wondering why I quit a year and a half ago... NOW YOU KNOW!

Betty Ennis Teter: It is a broken system and has been for years. They take the kds instead of working with families! Kelly is too busy worrying about getting more tax money!!

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: Brownback took a system that needed improvement and made it worse. We need to pour some money into this and get it straightened out.