Republican Party has lost its core values

I am a Republican. I wonder if many so-called Republicans are Christians or if they have any faith-based values from any religion. I believe our religious values should be lived not put on display for profit or attention.

If Brownback had values other than money it should have been clear to him how cruel his actions were. His minions now espouse the same mentality and rationality. Preying on angst and inflaming people. I pay my taxes to support all the services a nation, state, county and city should provide to its citizens. Social programs are NOT socialism or communist. We need our government and preferably our state government to provide assistance regardless of which faith or lack of faith people may have. To be poor is horrific. It is wrong to punish everyone for the actions of a few. Everyone deserves food, shelter and medical care.

People of religious faiths that oppose LGBTQ can care for children who are LGBTQ. They do not have to force their personal religion on anyone to care for that person. It is called getting along with other people.

I have other values — to care for our natural world, to work hard to be independent and self supporting, to follow the laws both man-made and of my faith. Kindness is a value I work at everyday. I also value humility and generosity. I currently perceive none of these values in the current Republican Party.

Marilyn Johnson, Topeka