President shouldn't ignore law

President Nixon, who at times seemed to be grappling with sanity while he lived in the White House, told a reporter early in 1974 that if the president does something then it cannot be against the law. In other words, Nixon was above the law.

Now we have another Republican who thinks he too is above the law. And he, evidently, is not alone in that belief. Just weeks after taking the oath in 2017, Trump asked his special counsel if he could pardon himself. Pardon himself for what?

Some legal scholars weren't too sure that Trump could not pardon himself. Really? And what law school did these opinions develop from? Sometimes it is like living in a parallel universe where reality is being challenged at every turn. Have the Republicans forgotten there is something called the Constitution as Trump increasingly governs with executive orders?

All of this might lead us to believe that the old song in which Judy Collins says to send in the clowns had actually become the norm as the rule of law is being ignored by the president.

Michal Betz, Wichita