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This is why we can't have nice things

To the Editor,
“This is why we can't have nice things” is a phrase we use when someone is less than careful with our common belongings. A small group of citizens seem intent on damaging something valuable to us all ... Butler Community College.
I wish I could call them well informed, but they are misled by a grandstanding legislative cheerleader who clearly admires the devastation rendered by the Brownback experiment. It was a disaster and created the state-level funding dilemma that the college faces.
On 8/23 in this paper Chairperson Dreiling explained that the College Trustees are doing everything in their power to honor the commitments they have made while remaining fiscally responsible. No sane businessman would cut revenue by a third and expect things to run well and yet that is what the anti- college faction expects. This is the same tactic that has worked well in making sure many of our public institutions fail ... defund them to the point they cannot possibly succeed.
Thoughtful citizens of Butler County will reject this notion. They understand that a well-educated populace is the best investment we can make in our economy. Those who wish to damage the college are not concerned about the long term welfare of our county or state. Do not blame locally elected officials for a problem that was created in Topeka. Remember that at the ballot box and do not support legislators who break nice things. Butler Community College is a really nice thing. Let’s keep it that way.

Pete Ferrell
Beaumont, Kan.

Public is being duped into supporting failing system

In reference “KNEA poll shows ‘dead heat’ for governor’s race.”

To the Editor,
Test scores for students of public education have dropped consistently for years.  
Each year the Kansas legislature adds millions of dollars to the budget for education, but if you listen to the news or KNEA you would assume K-12 education receives 10% of the budget.  The truth is K-12 funding is 52% of the entire State budget!  That leaves 48% to fund Universities, prisons, roads, welfare, health care and other departments.  It's
apparent that declining test scores are not due to a lack of funds.  The pollsters admit it was their own poll, and in one poll the respondents were pre-conditioned prior to voting.  That questions the validity and purpose of the poll.  It was stated "if we take Kobach at his word, public schools will be starved of resources, the courts and constitution will be ignored and when public schools are shut down, our tax dollars will be gifted to private, for-profit schools".  Did Kobach really say that?  No!  That is sensationalism to dupe the public into supporting their failing system.  Our founding fathers recognized the need for education.  In 1787 Congress passed an ordinance for the government of the territory northwest of the Ohio river.  The citizens were assured Freedom of Religion, trial by jury, and due process of law.  A clause was added to set aside a section in each township for education on the grounds that "religion, morality, and knowledge were necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind".  Good government is hard to find and many protests tell us there's little 'happiness of mankind'.   Religion is under attack, morality is scoffed at, and education is in decline.  We can agree, that's why we are where we are.  

Bud Schwindt