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Butler Trustees, Are you listening?

To the Editor,
Representative Kristey Williams’ “Fair Funding Initiative” is not meant to be detrimental or harm the education of the students.  It is only meant to have the people that use the college to pay their fair share.  
Why do the taxpayers in Butler County have to pay an unfair amount of funding for students from Sedgwick County?
The reason that this concern was finally brought to the board’s attention is because we were all hoping something would be done by you on your own.
As pointed out previously, 80 percent of the students at Butler are from out of county, mostly Sedgwick County.
Were  you listening when you raised the hourly rate for students and you gave the Butler County student the largest percentage raise; were you listening when  you wanted to spend millions to open a culinary school in Sedgwick County instead of somewhere in Butler County?
We realize that Butler’s most important product is their students.  All we are asking is that the person receiving the educational benefit of Butler Community College pay for it and not be subsidized by the residents of Butler County.

Bob Hirschfeld