Readers write to us

Dear Sirs,
In reference to the Aug. 16, 2018 editorial “Press isn’t enemy of the people’
I am disappointed with  your editorials.  
My wife worked for Rolla and David Clymer, thus I do have an inkling as to what a good newspaper is and how the news is to be reported. Unfortunately, in my opinion, your paper does not pass the muster.
The press would not be the “enemy of the people’ if you would report the news and not editorialize the news.  You either distort the facts, or simply disregard the report if the story favors Trump.  You state that he does not like negative news coverage, so what else is new!
President Obama did not like negative news coverage.  The news media circled the wagons around Obama and simply did not report anything that would put him in a bad light.  You state not covering him (meaning Trump)  would be a dereliction of duty.  Pray tell, why did you not do the same thing regarding Obama?
You state “we are the people”, thus I can’t help but wonder how many in the media profession own a home, go to church, belong to Kiwanis or Rotary, volunteer for Big Brothers/Sisters, or CASA or belong to the American Legion?
I say to you the Latin phrase “res ipsa loquitur”. The fact speaks for itself.

David M. Neal
El Dorado