In response to recent column by Len Hudson

Rep. Williams is not trying to harm BCC

The following is in response to Len Hudson’s guest column (8-11-18) concerning taxes and Butler Community College:
Mr. Hudson, In answer to the headlines of your opinion letter dated Aug. 11, 2018 in the Butler County Times-Gazette - shouldn’t all elected officials be concerned about high taxes and try to lower them where possible?
If you would have attended one of the meetings Rep. Williams had, you would have heard more than one sound way to replace the taxes that Ms. Williams is trying to get BCC to lower.
Ms. Williams is in no way trying to harm Butler Community College.  She is trying to get more fair funding to help the residents of Butler County.  Right now, Butler County real estate owers pay over 20 mills for the community college while only 20 percent of the students are from our county.  If funding is made fairer, the college shouldn’t lose any dollars; then all the destruction and job loss that you are predicting shouldn’t happen.

Robert Hirschfeld
Augusta, Kans.

Butler County taxpayers are tired

To the Editor,
I attended the Butler Community College 2018-2019 Budget Hearing intending to register my disapproval of the Board of Trustees decisions against raising "out of county" tuition and against lowering an unfair tax burden on Butler County taxpayers.   To my amazement, the room was full to overflowing with protesters of like mind.  I didn't give my prepared speech after listening to what seemed like an endless number of similar opinions.  Speakers favoring a $25 / credit hour increase for students outside Butler County and those favoring a 5 mil tax reduction was plainly clear.  
With approximately 80% of the College enrollment coming from outside Butler County it’s no surprise to learn Butler County taxpayers are tired of supplementing those from other counties.  I sincerely hope the trustees will act on this clear referendum.

Jim Penn
Fairview Township