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Say ‘no’ to slashing mill levy

To the Editor,
As an alumnus of Butler Community College, it pains me to see the institution come under attack. The experiences I had at Butler were pivotal in getting me to where I am today. If the mill levy is slashed, others will not be able to have those similar, life-changing experiences.
Butler provided me the space to explore what I wanted to do with my life. I am currently a senior in mechanical engineering at Kansas State University. I was able to grow and develop as a civically responsible leader through Butler’s Student Governing Association.
Without Butler, I would not be able to afford the education I need to succeed in life.
Education is critical to economic mobility. Butler has opened doors that would otherwise be shut for countless amounts of Kansans that have stepped foot on its campus. We, as a community, cannot allow Representative Williams proposal to slash the mill levy come to fruition. This would steal the necessary education and economic opportunity others need in our community.
One of the most memberable quotes I heard all summer came from Elena Hung of Little Lobbyists: “If we do not tell our stories and speak up, someone else is going to do it for us [with their own version of it] and that is not really an option.”
Please, join me as a community in saying no to slashing the mill levy.

Jonathan T. Cole