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They're voting for Carpenter

To the Editor,
She’s sweet. She’s likeable, but Mary Martha Good is a terrible legislator. Let’s examine her voting record. The Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) promotes the principles of limited government and personal freedom by scoring the votes of our elected officials. In the last legislative session in Topeka, Good’s votes placed her second from the bottom of all Senators and Representatives (170 listed) for conservative values. The KPI Freedom Score listed the highest score (3 legislators received this) as 91.7 %. Good earned a whopping 19.4%.  All but one Democrat scored higher than her. See for yourself:
Here are four key bills and how Good voted:
HB 2481 –Good voted to raise income tax $1.2 billion over two years and end an exemption for 330,000-plus farmers and business owners.  (Legislators are considering raising taxes again in the next session.)
HB 2044- Good voted to expand Obama Care and Medicaid to include able bodied persons and  opposed defunding Planned Parenthood.
HB 2538 – Good voted against voter ID requirement laws for Kansas elections.
HB 2278 – Good voted to exempt colleges and healthcare facilities from Kansas concealed carry laws and voted against allowing flash suppressors in Kansas.
Summary: Good voted for higher taxes for all of us (a LOT higher). Good voted for socialized medicine. Good voted against the right to carry. Does this sound like a conservative Republican?
Let’s send Good home to bake cookies, not back to Topeka.
We are voting for Will Carpenter.

Marc and Teresa Bachman
El Dorado