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Wouldn't it be nice if Butler C College and El Dorado High School would offer to share BG Stadium one time this year with the Eureka High School football team, since they have no field to play on this year due to the tornado damage in Eureka which destroyed their facilities?
"Celebrating Augusta--150 years" was interesting to read.  Thanks for your hard work, Belinda.
Enjoyed reading about the town’s first bridegroom!  Would like to see more “Tales”, please.
Thank you City of Augusta for the outstanding fireworks display at the City Lake on July 4th.  It was awesome!  You are to be commended for sponsoring such a beautiful and lengthy patriotic display for the citizens of Augusta.  It was much appreciated.
I keep seeing advertisements for getting rid of or reducing really big tax debts - if that’s the case, why do any of us pay taxes??
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