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Clarification on the Holocaust

To the Editor,
Gary, get on the Internet and look up ‘Holocaust’ and you will find numerous web pages on the subject and you’ll find that you grossly misstated what transpired in history.
The Germans DID NOT “herd (the Jews) into the gas ovens to be burned alive.”, as you stated.  They slaughtered the Jews by herding them in gas chambers, where they all perished by gas poisoning, and then the Germans disposed of the dead bodies (after removing all gold teeth) by cremation in “gas fueled” ovens.
Gary, you tried to paint an ugly picture by implying that “Babies! Children! Women! Men! were all burned alive in gas ovens.” Here again, you misstated the facts.  The young children were all separated from the older youth and the adult Jews and immediately exterminated upon arriving at the camps.  Older children were then utilized as laborers in war factories and many others sent to medical facilities where they endured, and often perished, in horrific medical experimentations.
Groups of men and groups of women were herded into the chambers at a time, they weren’t exterminated together.
Please get your facts straight and them come up with some new viewpoints and ideas before writing a misinformed letter.

Kenneth Brinkman