Time for a change

Our readers may have noticed that the “Augusta Yesterdays” column has not been featured lately on the weekly Opinion Page.  
The column ran in the Augusta Daily Gazette for many years and continued to run in the Butler County Times-Gazette following the merger of the Gazette and The El Dorado Times.  
 When our staff was larger and more time available, the column was fairly easy to put together each week.
Now with a much smaller staff and far less time, I find myself researching and writing the column on Sunday afternoons.
Another concern was that I couldn’t find the time to write an “El Dorado Yesterdays” article and found no one else who wanted to make the commitment each week.
I would like to continue the Augusta history and add El Dorado history, so I am trying to come up with a format that will not consume a lot of time.  Perhaps a monthly column.
Expect more history to be published regularly in the near future.
Thanks to all of our faithful readers.  We do enjoy hearing from you and will continue striving to deliver a paper that you enjoy.