Citizen speaks out against rock quarry

Proud to stand among those who fought against quarry

To the Editor,
On March 27th,  Butler County Commissioners approved a conditional use permit , 3-2, allowing a rock quarry  two miles south of Augusta, on the west side of Highway 77.
Protesting against this proposed rock quarry has been on-going for almost one year.  Many neighbors and landowners joined the fight.  Although most of us agreed that a landowner should have the freedom to do with his land as he chooses, that rule should  NOT  apply if  it infringes on the rights of others.  Is it right that those proposing a rock quarry should be able to move their business into an already established rural housing community?
Many of us  have lived 25+ years in our homes and have used our life savings to purchase and maintain them.  In addition to the noise, increased highway and Augusta traffic, air pollution from dust, possible groundwater contamination, vibration from explosives  and public safety issues, real estate values will be affected. This is not right.   
I would like to commend those who had the courage to fight. We made phone calls, wrote  letters, contacted politicians, attended meetings. We took time away from our families, paid for legal representation, signed petitions and affidavits. We did all of this with reason and  integrity.  Although I am saddened by the decision, I am very proud to have joined my neighbors in this  challenging fight.  I invite those of you who participated in this cause to congratulate yourselves on your brave efforts. I am honored to stand among you.  
 Although it appears we have lost the battle against the quarry, I believe we spoke loudly and fought honestly.  
Thank you to those who joined me.

Carrie Clapp Casey
Augusta, Kan.