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Public funds should not be used for school lawsuit

To the Editor,
I appreciated Gary Owens’ well reasoned and well stated letter in the Times-Gazette on 2-8-18.  It’s the sort of letter I might have written back when I still thought change might be accomplished through participation in “representative” government.
I do find it pathetic when a citizen has to instruct elected political officers in the constitutional construction of our government, and specifically in the separation of powers.  The political officials involved should be sorting this out.
As long as Gary got me fired up, I’ve waited for several  years now for  these officials to inquire into the funding of continuing lawsuits by school districts against “we, the people”, for failing to adequately fund them.  If they are raising outside funds for the purpose, I guess that is now the American way; I have no complaint.  However, if they’re using public funds provided for educating children to sue us for not providing enough of that money, that’s called theft, and at least restitution with interest, is due.
Any thoughts of auditing these districts for determination?

Charles W. Hanna