Our readers write to us

We keep saying it's getting better when it's not

To the Editor,

There are a lot of people simply tired of the politics being forced on us.  Our faith in those elected to lead us is being reduced day after day.  Trust, truth, confidence, pride, faith, and hope are being torn down day after day.  We keep saying it’s getting better when it’s not.
All Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who feel real fear are begging our leaders to stand up for America, not a party or a man.  The buck doesn’t stop where it should and our country is being belittled day after day.  Television and cell phones run 24 hours per day relaying all of the bad news.  
Our situation can be improved and yes, the truth will set you free.  Our politicians are having to make decisions based on things other than the truth.  
Why are some always having to rephrase what was said by the President?...It’s like selective hearing.  Why is it hard for some to tell the truth?
President Trump need only tell the truth and request that others do the same.  That will resolve most of our problems.  Tell the truth and show your tax returns, do what is right and then we will be making America Great Again!  Please!

Kent Lanier