Tammie Jean SHOOPMAN Alfaro

On February 11/2021 Tammie Jean SHOOPMAN Alfaro passed away at home with her family.

She was born on 11/23/1857 in Wichita, Kansas.

She was preceded in death by our mother. They are now together as they were best friends. 

She is survived by sister Debbie, brother Wade, niece Amber, nephews Brenden, Isaiah, and Keegan all of Eldorado. 

Per her request there will be no funeral. 

I wish to give Good Shephard Hospice a heartfelt appreciation for the most wonderful care provided to my sister the past few months. Especially to Denise and Stephanie, who my sister couldn't wait to see them each day. The most caring people I know. 

I also would like to say to the local nursing home were my sister worked at for several years. She truly loved the residents, looked out for them and couldn't wait to return to work to see them. To her supervisors, I do hope that you are treating your staff better and with respect and empathy as my sister was "only a piece of paper" to you per your statement" and deserved more. 

Published on March 20, 2021