Nadine Coppinger Vestring, born October 4, 1921, in New York City, joined her God and her husband Robert B. Vestring in heaven on Sunday, November 3, 2019 leaving behind her family home where loved ones were gathered.

A matriarch in every sense of the word, Nadine left an indelible mark on the Vestring Ranch near the small towns of Burns and Cassoday, Kansas. Nadine’s life on a cattle ranch was a unique blending - an upbringing marked by French education, travel, and big city department stores, coupled with wheat fields, horseback riding, and bottle-feeding baby calves.

Nadine met her husband Bob in what could have only been a divinely inspired moment while on Spring Break with a friend from the very remote “wild west” of Kansas. Her fiery Irish heart was smitten by a gentle mannered, handsome cowboy in a white Western hat driving a convertible to Catholic church.

She moved to the Flint Hills and never looked back, donning her blue jeans to mow the large green lawn, preside over her precious cow herd, and raise four devoted children, schooling them in a newly discovered and fascinating art of animal husbandry and love of nature.

All would agree that Nadine was the epitome of perseverance and strength, gathering her steadfast faith in God and family to transform what was foreign into what was as natural and beautiful as a Kansas sunset.

Nadine is survived by children bound to her forever in love and unparalleled respect and admiration: Robert H. Vestring (Anna) of El Dorado, KS and their children Matthew, Ashley, Jessie, Ashley Roedel Ingalls and Lauren Roedel and great grandchildren Kylie, Madison, and Chanel. Anne Marie Young Vestring (Richard) and grandchild Elizabeth Young. Louis (Tex) Vestring; Stephen Traver Vestring (Molly) and grandchildren Mary Grace and Stephen Traver, Jr.