Parents find ways to get exercise, connect

FRONTENAC — With the spread of the novel coronavirus nationwide leading to limitations on many kinds of recreational activities, people are looking for alternatives.

The Crawford County Commission approved an order Tuesday by the County Board of Health that restricts public gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as access to many businesses.

According to a COVID-19 update video from Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall posted online Wednesday, it is OK to go take walks, particularly at parks, but people should avoid touching any playground equipment.

“We have parks and we have trails,” Hall said.

Like many local residents, Frontenac resident Alyssa Edwards — a mother of two young children — has been looking for activities her children can do.

Edwards said she wanted her children to enjoy the spring weather and connect with classmates so she created a Facebook page called Frontenac Community Scavenger Hunt. She got the idea from a shamrock hunt another Facebook group posted.

Area residents who follow the Facebook page place the scavenger hunt item in their window so people can see. In the past, it’s been pictures of silly faces and animals. The seekers walk around on sidewalks to see how many they can find and take a photo of the item and share it on the group’s page.

Scam email hits Bluestem retirement communities

NORTH NEWTON — Something did not sit right with an email that got circulated and sent to law enforcement, city managers and management of Bluestem Communities.

“It has false information in it. It said we have a positive test for coronavirus and that we were not providing (protective gear),” said Morgan Redding, director of communications for Bluestem Communities.

At the time the email was sent, there were no confirmed cases in the facilities — nor in the counties those facilities are in.

Bluestem maintains Kidron Bethel Village in North Newton, Schowalter Villa in Hesston and Bluestem PACE in McPherson.

“Both assertions were totally false,” Redding said. “This was from a random person. ... Other facilities out there, this could happen to them too. We want to prevent that.”