Service HQ recently donated heating and cooling equipment to the Augusta Historical Society and Museum.

In answer to the Historical Museum's need for climate control of our artifact storage area, Service. HQ recently donated two Mitsubishi Electric Wall Mounted Heat Pump Systems.

“We provide heartfelt thanks to Service HQ for answering our need for climate control for our artifacts,” said Priscilla Templin, Director of the Augusta Historical Museum. “Thanks to the Service HQ crew for their civic mindedness and care for Augusta's past. Also, a thank you to Mike Smith, Electrician, for his hard work and preparation in advance of Service HQ's installation.”

The installation of these two units will create an environment safe for artifacts which have been entrusted to our Society for safekeeping. To date, those items that were highly subject to change in temperature and humidity have been stored in the museum. As the years have gone by, space has become an ever-growing issue. With the new addition of the pump systems, the society’s storage area will be utilized as it was originally intended.