During Tuesday’s County Commission meeting, David Alfaro, Butler County Community Development Director presented a zoning change request to rezone 3+/- acres from AG-40 to Rural Residential.

The request was submitted by B&D Investments for the property located at 4332 SW Kickapoo Rd., in El Dorado Township. The property is located directly to the west of Butler County Landfill. “The remaining 136+/- acres will stay as farmland and the rezoning of the 3+/- acres, located within the trees will not negatively impact the area,” said Alfaro.

All property owners located within a 1,000' radius of the property were notified as required by State Statute and staff did not receive any comments for or against the request. The Planning Commission approved the request by a vote of 5-0.

The request was approved.

Alfaro presented a request for a change in zoning from AG-40 to Rural Residential that was submitted by Caleb Rock & John Livengood.

Rock and Livengood own a tract of land that contains 40+/- acres located at 12312 NW Parallel Rd., Benton, Kansas, which is in Murdock Township.

Alfaro said, “The applicants are requesting to rezone the 40+/- acres which will allow them to split the property, allowing Mr. Rock to build a single family residence and then sell a portion of the 40+/- acres to the neighbor to the north.”

“By approving the request it would also clean up a filling of a 10 acre tract of land and make the 10 acre tract a Legal Lot of Record,” said Alfaro.

The request was approved.

Darryl Lutz, Director of Butler County Public Works presented sealed bids for a planned project to replace the Little Walnut River Bridge on SW Haverhill Rd located 2.7 miles south of Haverhill Corner. Butler County maintains 434 bridge sized structures throughout the County in addition to over 2000 culvert sized structures.

The Department of Public Works has identified several bridges on County and Township roads that are in need of major repair work or replacement. The projects have been prioritized and are included in the County’s approved bridge project Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The CIP includes a County funded bridge replacement project on SW Haverhill Rd over the Little Walnut River to replace the existing pony truss bridge.

Project engineering work and construction plans are complete, right-of-way has been acquired and utility relocation agreements are in place. The County Commission approved the Notice to Contractors of December 31, 2019 setting the bid opening date and time of 9:00 a.m., on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

There were representatives from the bidding companies in attendance.

Snodgrass and Sons Construction in Wichita $1,402,331.34 Bridges Inc, in Newton $1,427,683.10 Wildcat Construction in Wichita $1,452,355.60 Dondlinger and Sons $1,650,800.60

The bids were accepted and the Board directed staff to evaluate, tabulate and return with recommendations.

Lutz also presented Consider approving the selection of an engineering firm for the proposed study for the SW Ohio Street Rd/SW 20th St. interchange.

The County has a project planned in its adopted CIP to study the current interchange at SW Ohio Street Rd and SW 20th St and to recommend improvement options. The current bridge is in poor condition and reaching the end of its feasible service life.

“It is prudent to evaluate the current geometry to determine an appropriate and cost effective option for either improving the interchange or eliminating the grade separated interchange in favor of some kind of at-grade crossing,” said Lutz.

Statements of qualifications and letters of interest were received by the County Commission from four engineering firms on December 17, 2019.

The County Commission directed that the engineering submittals be reviewed by a selection committee and a recommendation for selection of a firm be returned to the County Commission at a later date. Commissioner Myers was appointed to serve on the selection committee along with Mr. Ryan Adkison, Finance Director, Mr. Bronson Webb, Assistant County Engineer and Darryl Lutz, County Engineer.

The Selection Committee evaluated the proposals and determined all the firms would be worthwhile giving further consideration based upon submitted statements of qualifications. The committee conducted formal interviews with each firm and evaluated their formal presentations and responses to questions.

The committee unanimously selected the firm of WSP, Wichita, Kansas, as their first choice of engineering firms and recommends approval.

“They have a good timeline and had the best team. They came with great concepts during the interview process,” said Lutz.

The selection of WSP to provide requested engineering services was approved.