Darryl Lutz, Director of Public Works, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, December 31, 2019, to request authorization to solicit bids for 2020 annual commodity purchases for the Highway Division, the Noxious Weed Division and the Landfill Division of the Public Works Department.

Each year, these divisions solicit bids for the purchase of large volume consumable materials or commodities. The purchases are planned and budgeted for each year.

The Butler County Department of Public Works makes annual purchases of several large volume materials that are consumed. Those materials and estimated annual purchase amounts are: Tire purchases for all public works divisions (ave. $55,000), uniform shirts for public works employees ($7,500), liquid asphalts for highway maintenance program – ave. 650,000 gallons ($1,500,000), culvert pipes – varies (up to $25,000), herbicides and application products for noxious weed department use – varies (up to $240,000) and sign materials as needed (up to $50,000). The Board authorized the Department of Public Works to solicit sealed bids from local and/or regional vendors for annual purchases of tires, uniform shirts, liquid asphalts, culvert pipes and herbicides and application products to be presented to the County Commission for opening and for signs materials by informal bid with bids received by staff with all final purchase authorizations to be approved by the County Commission.

Lutz also presented a request to approve a Notice to Bridge Contractors for the letting of a construction project to replace the Little Walnut River Bridge on SW Haverhill Rd located 2.7 miles south of Haverhill Corner.

Butler County maintains 434 bridge sized structures throughout the County in addition to over 2000 culvert sized structures. The Department of Public Works has identified several bridges on County and Township roads that are in need of major repair work or replacement.

The projects have been prioritized and are included in the County’s approved bridge project Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP includes a County funded bridge replacement project on SW Haverhill Rd over the Little Walnut River to replace the existing pony truss bridge.

Project engineering work and construction plans are completed, right-of-way has been acquired and utility relocation agreements are in place. The project is ready to go to bid for construction.

Sealed bids for the construction work are proposed to be received and opened by the County Commission on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. The project is included in the adopted 2019-2023 CIP. The request was approved.

Finally, Lutz asked the Board to consider approving a new agreement with the Butler County Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drug & alcohol third party administrator to provide additional services required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for Clearinghouse Services.

The Butler County Department of Public Works is required to provide DOT drug and alcohol testing for all employees with CDL licenses or employees operating in a safety sensitive position. Our program is administered by Compliance One how is a third party vendor that specializes in drug and alcohol testing programs and employee assistance programs.

Recently, the County was notified of the new clearinghouse registry requirements that are being enacted. This service is outside the scope of the current agreement, thus the agreement with Compliance One is being amended to include the new requirements.

The Clearinghouse Query is a new national registry being created to track all CDL license holders for compliance with all FMCSA requirements including failure to comply and completion of return to duty requirements. The cost of the additional program requirements should be $440 (44 employees @ $10 each) initially with an annual recurring cost of approximately $220 for current employees. The agreement is subject to review by legal counsel.

The Board approved the new agreement with Compliance One.