Dan Ingalls, Butler County Director of Facilities Management, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 to request the award for janitorial service at the Community Corrections and Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) buildings.

When the decision to combine Community Corrections and Juvenile Justice Services under one roof was made, Butler County chose the old South Central Mental Health building on West Central to be the new location. The remodel is scheduled to be completed in January 2020.

“For many years the [Juvenile Justice Services] have had to clean their own building. They are one of the few office type settings in which we have asked them to do this. With the completion of the remodel, having professionals clean these two spaces is the correct course of action,” Ingalls said.

Facilities Management has budgeted $28,000 per year for the contract cleaning of the Community Corrections and EMP buildings and Proposal requests were sent to five area companies with only two bid proposals received.

Those bids came from City Wide and iServe. The lowest bid of $1,402.53 per month came from City Wide, therefore it was recommended to award the bid of $1402.53 per month to City Wide for the contract cleaning of the Community Corrections and EMP buildings. The request was approved.