Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Pittsburg Morning Sun Facebook: Meet Brian Matlock, Republical Socialist

David Close: We surely do not want him sounds more like a democrat than a republican plus he isnt even a Kansan what a sham.

Allen Childers: Sounds like a cool guy to me.

Tim Trammell: Republican Socialist? Oxymoron, or just plain moron?

Hellen Sallee: Define Republican/ Socialist????

Dodge City Daily Globe Facebook: Heeke nominated as Kansas Master Teacher

Stephanie Cruz: Congratulations Mr.Heeke!!! You deserve it!! Thank you for all that you do for the kids and the community!!

Brian G Doussa: So Awesome!! Couldn’t have happened to a better man! But I still refuse to call you Master at practice.

Joyce Dunbar Warshaw: Congratulations, has been a joy watching you grow professionally!!!! Well deserved!!!!!

Hays Daily News Facebook: Kansas wheat acres continue decline

Judy Hawkins: Interesting info!!

Dave Price (Judy Hawkins): sorry mom - this boils my bubbles though!

Judy Hawkins (Dave Price): I understand --over the passed couple of years Brian has planted less wheat acreage & more corn & Milo

Therese Haas: Farmers are sick of going in the "hole" the price is so low, it's rediciulous, it was the same price 50 to 60 years ago

Hutchinson News Facebook: Reno County OKs cash incentive for GeoChemicals

Kendis Brummer: Now to get more companies like this into Hutch & just maybe Hutch would come back out of the hole & the community can survive again.

Gina Long: Genzada makes the cancer drugs. This is *not* the same company. Hutch needs to hold them to their promise and send a bill if the company pays its execs big $$ and does not fulfill its promises.

Karla Thomas: No surprise here. More tax money for reno co to suck out of people.

Reno County elected leaders, employees get pay hike

Randy Sodowsky: And surely a tax increase also.

Randy Sodowsky (Brian Miller): I moved out of Reno county last June, I am in a small town west of Great Bend, they need to get a handle on the taxes in Reno county.

Doug Myers: Hell why not. no jobs, no improvement and pay raises all around makes sense to me.

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Scientists alarmed by massive use of road salt

Joe Rodgers: Been salting roads for years. Hasnt hurt much that i can see except for vehicle values.

DavidMary Siemsen Kratzer: Maybe people should slow down when driving in conditions that are icy and snowy. Need less chemicals then

Terri Lynn Coop: Also need to have an economic system where people don't have to be out in serious weather to avoid being fired. If you're not in a critical function, the best thing is to stay home.

Chris Zwiener (Terri Lynn Coop): or employers could make it more viable for people to work from home. Sadly this does nothing to help the poor retail worker who has to be out in it

Chuck Arnold: Scientists are alarmed about alarms.