The Butler Homeless Initiative (BHI) Shelter wishes to thank all who have helped us and our fellow citizens during this past year. You welcomed a homeless person to come into your business to warm up when they were not planning to use your services.  You offered him a cup of coffee, a meal or a kind word.  Or maybe you invited her to sit peacefully in the company of others. Or perhaps you rented a motel room for her for a night.

There are many homeless people in El Dorado and Butler County. The mission of the Shelter is to provide refuge for those who have no other place to go.  In addition to a comfortable place to sleep, Shelter guests are offered three meals; a daily shower at the YMCA; weekly laundry; free haircuts; and a laptop to use for online job applications.

One goal of BHI is to bring people into the Shelter and then connect them to Mid Kansas Community Action Program (Mid KS Cap).  The staff of Mid KS Cap (1) work with the homeless to obtain housing and (2) underwrite the initial costs of housing as individuals struggle to get back on their feet.  Additionally, Shelter guests are strongly encouraged to contact South Central Mental Health, NA or AA as necessary, and any other local services that might prove helpful.

 The BHI Shelter would not exist without the steadfast support of the community from providing delicious meals, donating time and money, volunteering and staffing the Shelter, making repairs, or offering goods and services to BHI at a greatly reduced cost.  But, BHI always needs volunteers.  If you would like to get involved, please call 316-323-4122.

 BHI is grateful to each and every one who has helped us serve the most vulnerable.  We have not listed your name, church, group, business or company, but you know who you are.  And finally, a special thank you to the First Church of the Nazarene for providing the Shelter its home.

Merry Christmas! 

— BHI Board of Directors and Staff