During the Thanksgiving Safe Arrival traffic enforcement campaign, the El Dorado Police Department conducted overtime saturation patrols to primarily enforce Kansas’ impaired driving and occupant restraint laws.

“The idea behind enforcement campaigns like this is, first and foremost, to save lives and prevent injury in a way that encourages safer driving decisions in the future,” said Chief Curt Zieman. “Safety begins by adopting two very simple and inflexible rules: ‘Absolutely no one rides in my car unless buckled in properly,’ and ‘I don’t ride with a driver who has been drinking, for any reason, even if that driver is me.’ Also, remember that, while this particular campaign may be over, the enforcement of occupant restraint and alcohol traffic laws is ongoing.”

The most common citation issued between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1 was speeding.

Over the period, officers conducted no DUI arrests and issued no safety belt citations, no child restraint citations, and 21 speeding citations, along with 25 other citations and arrests. All told, officers made 46 enforcement stops during the campaign.

The Thanksgiving Safe Arrival traffic enforcement campaign was supported by a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation.