EL DORADO — Wade Graber has a question to ask: Have you gotten your free t-shirt yet?

The corporate chaplain of TCG Services, 116 W. Pine Ave., El Dorado, has been an integral part of the business giving away almost 800 free t-shirts with a cross = heart logo depicted within the Butler County community.

The idea originated earlier this year when an owner of TCG Services saw the logo when it was being used as a promo for Hillsong Church in Australia.

“He wanted to see about sharing that logo and the love it represents throughout El Dorado,” Graber said. “There are a few outlying community have also gotten involved. The idea is that we aren’t promoting any group. It is just a business owner who wanted to share the logo and the love.”

The business recently renewed a six-month agreement to share the logo without charging for it, Graber added. TCG also has other items with the logo including magnets and stationary. Campus Crusade for Christ, a bono-demoninatinoal student organization from Butler Community College, got shirts this past week, Graber said.

“We just hope to have more groups, business and churches join in sharing the love and sharing the logo,” he added.