With Tuesday’s general election inching closer, Butler County officials are getting info out.

Last week, an online election hub went live at https://elections-hub-bucogis.hub.arcgis.com/. A link to the site can also be found at bucoks.com by going to either the county clerk’s page or the GIS/Mapping department’s page.

The hub features maps, links and informa- tion voters may need to know ahead of the election, including an interactive map that allows the visitor to pin their location to see where their polling place is and who their representatives are.

The idea to update the county’s online election information for a more modern use came when Tatum Stafford, Butler County clerk, and Pamela Dunham, Butler County GIS director, watched a webinar that used the county’s current GIS software.

“We kind of went into it with two goals,” Dunham said. “From the GIS side was to uti- lize the current software with no additional cost and no additional maintenance. From Tatum’s side, we wanted to have better com- munication with our constituents so they can go out and see everything on one site instead of having to go different places.”

The project to put the site together took about three weeks, Stafford and Dunham said, with the two departments working together.

Though the website has information for Tuesday’s local elections, Stafford noted she plans to update and add to it for future votes.

“Tatum has some great ideas for it for next year,” Dunham said. “The goal was transpar- ent elections and to get the information out to the public in an easy-to-use, kind of a one- stop location that they can go to answer their questions.”