Today's installment of Throwback Thursday takes us the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Main Street on the east side. With the second weekend of the Kansas State Fair starting, I thought I'd show a second Fairgrounds gate entrance that looks completely different now.

The first photo shows the 23rd & Main entrance gate in 1925 with its two brick, two-story towers housing the ticket booths. When looking closely, one can see a large wooden roller coaster right behind the gates. Also during the 1925 fair, there was an airplane display in the field by the gate. That display included a Standard Oil Co. Ford Tri-Motor. There was only 199 of these made between 1925 and 1933 of which there are only 18 left in existence.

Today, Skaets Steak Shop is located to the north side of this gate. This building was originally the fairgrounds offices until the 20th and Poplar brick building replaced it. The 20th and Ash and 23rd and Main towers are long gone but were a good looking early fairgrounds memory.