Beating a ranked opponents by large margins at home can get the egos flowing. The Butler Grizzlies are hoping to keep a level head and stay focused as the conference slate gets underway.

EL DORADO—The Butler Grizzlies have beaten two solid teams and that’s nice and all but with playing in the best conference in the NJCAA, that happens every week.

For example, No. 1 Hutchinson and No. 7 Iowa Western are throwing down today at 1 p.m. Those were two top five teams to start the season. Butler will play both of them in a few weeks.

“Our conference, you have to be prepared week in and week out,” Tim Schaffner said. “Playing teams like Snow just get you prepared for that.”

Butler topped Snow 36-17 but in reality, what they did was send a message to the rest of the league this Butler team may be in fact, be back.

The Grizzlies defense has been nothing but spectacular sans a couple of late scores when the starters were out against Snow, they’ve been punishing and really showing shades of the old school, dominate Butler championship days.

That’s where focus comes to be most important. Butler has put a bullseye on their back as they’ve ascended back to the top of the Jayhawk.

So far, the Grizzlies have done the little things right by taking care of the ball and eliminating careless turnovers. Those are the keys to success.

“We have good leadership,” George Qualls said. “That’s gone a long way in the locker room.”

Players like Steven Frank and Charlie Gray, guys who’ve been in the program help. They provide a stable base of players who know what’s expected. They take care of those who may step out of line.

The chemistry is always key in sports and for the Grizzlies it is no different.

“It’s like a brotherhood,” Wali Sabree said. “You want to be in a locker room where folks are going to die on the field for you.”

The chemistry is always key in sports and for the Grizzlies it is no different.

There are “bigger” games than Highland on the horizon for Butler. However, Butler is continuing to focus on the next one and not the one after that.

“We have to take it one game at a time,” Alfahiym Walcott said. “We’re good but at the same time, we have to make sure we keep focused.”

There are still things to be fixed and 10 games left to do so. Butler’s special teams has been anything but special. The team has missed three field goals and a handful of extra points. Butler needs to figure that out, with two highly rated kickers missing this early in the season, leads to believe it may be a mental block for the players.

If the Grizzlies keep it up, they could be on a bus to Pittsburg, Kansas in December, looking at a trophy.

“We have to continue to focus on our next opponent,” Schaffner said. “All we can do is one game at a time.”