Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital (SBA) and its Board of Trustees announce that, as of September 3, 2019, Jim Kirkbride has chosen to resign his position as President/CEO in order to pursue other opportunities, according to a hospital news release.

“SBA is grateful for Jim’s tireless efforts to grow the hospital in El Dorado and its surrounding communities,” the release said. “With the development of such services as an occupational medicine service line, school nurse navigation, Corporate Care wellness clinics and telehealth services, he has been committed to taking healthcare beyond the walls of the hospital. From a cutting-edge motion health initiative that was the first of its kind to be placed in a hospital in the U.S., to the most recent addition of the El Dorado Urgent Care facility, SBA was focused forward.”

Kirkbride had been in the position for approximately three years.

“I am proud of the programs the leadership team has initiated during my time at SBA. I wish SBA and the communities it serves nothing but the best,” said Kirkbride.

Board of Trustees Chairperson Cami Baker stated, “We would like to thank Jim for his service and leadership of Susan B. Allen over the past three years and for his commitment to the community and our stakeholders.”

Kirkbride’s last day at SBA will be Oct. 4. A CEO selection committee of the Board of Trustees has begun the search for an interim CEO to handle the day-to-day operations at SBA in order for the board to concentrate on the permanent CEO search. Details on the CEO transition will be provided as the information becomes available, the release said.