While the the Butler County Fair will not swing into full action until July 20, there are events on the calendar as soon as July 13. 

This weekend will be a fashion show — 4-Hers will compete in Clothing Construction and Buymanship starting at 1 p.m. Saturday at El Dorado High School. Also Saturday will be a horse show   at 6 p.m. at Butler County Saddle Club off U.S. 77, El Dorado. 

“4-H Clothing Construction is one project judged.  Participants design and construct an article of clothing and the garment is judged based on the basics of clothing construction,” said McKenzie Smthson, Extension Agent for 4-H/Youth Development at the Butler County Kansas State Extension office.   “… Buymanship. allows the participants to select an outfit of their liking to model for the judges. In selecting this outfit, the participant considers where they would wear the outfit, what the cost per wear is and accessories that might make the outfit pop. They also are given the opportunity to display their public speaking skills as they explain to the judges why they selected the outfit.”

At the horse show, 4-Hers will show in a variety of classes such as showmanship, western pleasure, trail, and speed events.  

“It will be a great night to watch our hard working youth show off their talents,” Smithson said. 

The rest of the Butler County Fair will kick-off  July 20 at the Butler County Community Building and Fairgrounds.  Butler County 4-H members are finishing up projects for the 2019 fair that include, but are not limited to livestock, photography, arts and crafts, rocketry, foods, horticulture and woodworking. 

“While the livestock entries are a crowd favorite, there are many great projects that will be on display,” Smithson said. “The county fair is an opportunity for our youth to share with the community what they have learned and how they have grown within this past year.” 

For those seeking culinary options, the 4-H Food Auction will be 7 p.m. July 20 in the Butler County 4-H /Community Building in El Dorado. This event typically lasts less than 1 hour. The Clover Café, the Butler County 4-H concession stand, located in the 4-H/Community Building,  will offer pulled pork sandwiches, walking tacos, beef nachos, hot dogs, an assortment of candy, pop, and more. All proceeds from the auction and The Clover Café go to benefit the Butler County 4-H Council, which supports local youth in attending leadership and citizenship events along with other educational opportunities and countywide events throughout the year. 

Butler County 4-H Fair

July 20to July 24

The Butler County Fair Grounds

200 N. Griffith St., El Dorado 

Saturday, July 20

9 a.m. — All Animals will be on the Fairgrounds

9 a.m. — 4-H Foods & Nutrition & Food Preservation Judging begins

10:00 to 11 a.m. — Weigh-in Meat Goats

10 a.m. — Open Class Foods Judging begins, followed by Open Class Foods Silent Auction (All proceeds go to the Butler County Fair Board)

1:30 to 2:30  p.m. — Cloverbuds “Show and Share”

2 p.m. — Judging of Woodworking, Open Class Metals & Junk in a Bucket

4 p.m. — 4-H Projects on Display

5:30  p.m. — City Band Concert

6 p.m. — Ice Cream — Sponsored by ICI Insurance

7 p.m. — 4-H Food Auction (All proceeds go to 4-H Council for scholarships and 4-H events)

Sunday, July 21

7:30  a.m. — Pancake Breakfast Sponsored by Butler County Farm Bureau and MidKansas Co-Op

8:15  a.m. — Church Service

10 a.m. — Judging begins for Arts & Crafts, followed by Open Class Barn Quilts

10 a.m. — Judging begins for 4-H Fiber Arts, followed by Open Class Quilts

12 p.m. — Judging begins for Leathercraft

2 p.m. — Judging of 4-H Crochet & Knitting followed by Open Class Crochet & Knitting

4 p.m. — Sheep Show

6 p.m. — Meat Goat Show

Monday, July 22

8:30  a.m. — Dairy Goat Show followed by Celebrity Goat Milking Contest

9 a.m. — Judging of Photography

10 a.m. — Judging of 4-H and Open Class Floriculture and Horticulture

1 p.m. — Judging of Entomology

1 p.m. — Judging of Geology, followed by Entomology

1 p.m. — Judging of Educational Notebooks, Posters, and Displays

1:30  p.m. — Judging of Banners, followed by Notebook Judging

6 p.m. — Swine Show

Tuesday, July 23

8 a.m. — Beef Show, followed by Bucket Calves

8 a.m. — Judging of Rabbits

8 a.m. — Judging of Poultry

10 a.m. — Judging of Pigeons

10 a.m. — Judging of Rocketry, followed by Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems

1:00 to 3 p.m. — FCS Consumer Skills Judging Event

2:00 to 3 p.m. — Poultry Judging Contest

2:00 to 3 p.m. — Challenge of Champions

5 p.m. — Round Robin Showmanship Contest

8 p.m. — Rabbit Auction (All proceeds go to 4-H’er selling animal)

Wednesday, July 24

8:15  a.m. — Livestock Judging Contest

11:30  a.m. — 4-H Barnyard Olympics 

1:00 to 2 p.m. — Horticulture Judging Contest

2:00 to 3 p.m. — Photography Judging Contest

5:30 to 7 p.m. — “Friends of 4-H” Supper sponsored by Commerce Bank & 4-H Council

6:30  p.m. — Awards Presentation

7 p.m. — Livestock Auction (All proceeds go to 4-H’er selling animal)

Evening Ice Cream — Sponsored by Emprise Bank

Evening Watermelon — Sponsored by American Ag Credit