The Garden Gate Garden Club selected 201 S. Summit, El Dorado, the home of Tom and Kelli Elliott as the July yard of the month.

The Elliotts have lived there for 21 years. A lovely scene greets you as you drive (slowly) past their property. Color, color color! Perennial plants mixed with annual flowers, ground covers and bushes, all given some shade from a couple of huge trees. This creates a delightful yard.

Kelli loves to grow flowers. This is her hobby, her recreation, and her mind/body health regimen.

Being outdoors in the sunshine and dirt lifts her mood, is invigorating, and gives her the satisfaction of shaping and then enjoying all the beauty.

Tom mows and trims, a lot. Their property consists of one and one-third acres that stretches out to the west and north behind the home. It is an expanse of green lawn with a few trees and a few flower beds. The open space has a calming effect on the visitor, and is a surprise to see in the middle of a residential area.

The split-level home was built in 1961 and a pool room was added in 1971. In the fall, Kelli moves her pots of plants and small trees into this pool room to over-winter. She also cares for some friends plants.

The love and effort that the Elliott’s pour out on their yard is worth seeing. Honk when you drive