It was an attention-getting video — a bunch of kids watching from bleachers as smoke rolled out from under the hood of a car not far away.

Some kids clapped, others cheered. One could hear instructions given by bullhorn in the background. It was hour one, day one, of the annual Butler County EMS Kids Camp.

This year there were 81 students enrolled in the camp — a summer camp that fills up quickly.

“This year we started off with the scenario of a drunk driver, out with some friends, crashed a car. One dead, two critically hurt and a driver stumbling around,” said Stuart Funk, education officer for Butler County EMS. “They got to see cops come in and take down the drunk driver, fire department come in and put out the fire and EMS come in and take care of the patients.”

The scenario included an airlift.

“They get to see about the worse of the worst call that we have,” Funk said.

But it would not be camp if all that was done was watching. This year there was severe weather education and tours of first responder vehicles and dispatch. The public pool was used for water safety and scuba diving. Campers spent the night with EMS.

On day two was skills — a bucket brigade, CPR instruction, stop the bleed training, rope rescues, tactical takedowns, gun safety, and other training as well.

“They actually have a training room in dispatch, and kids get on the comm and take a call (on the trainer),” Funk said. “This camp is a blast. … We all have a lot of fun and kids look forward to coming back each year — no matter how tired we are that day.”