Jennie Hixon was wearing her favorite outfit — a lime green skirt with a pink shirt — when she ran into Zachary Andruk.

Actually, he ran into her — literally.

The two 12-year-old sixth-graders were classmates at the former West Middle School when Andruk bumped into Hixon in the lunch line, spilling her food on the floor and on her dress.

“I started picking up my food and he started helping me and even tried to give me his food,” Hixon recalled. “When I denied his offer, he threw his food away and didn’t eat either.”

That began what she calls a “fairy tale mixed with a horror film” that would result in the couple getting married some 17 years after they met.

Last week, Hixon and Andruk tied the knot in the place where they first met — West Middle School, which is now the Pioneer Career Center.

They wanted to start as husband and wife in the place where it all began, in the school cafeteria.

Hixon, who is now Jennie Andruk, said their courtship has been beset with numerous highs and lows.

But they reconnected last August. Soon they again were a couple — this time for real.

“In our relationship just over the past year, there has been so many chapters in our life that we both chose to get through together,” she said. “Love, happiness, hate, lies, addiction, commitment, respect, loyalty, trust, etc.

“We are a team and although we are not perfect, we will get through any and everything together because I will honor and respect my husband and he too honors and respects me as his wife.

“We are both happily married and if we can stick by one another through the things we have thus far, I know we will get through anything that comes our way because I love my husband, and wouldn’t want to go through anything in our past or future with anyone else except him.”