I thought it might be a good idea to help everyone understand what goes into being a Chrisitan. It’s a lot harder than it looks so, I’ve compiled a list of activities and attitudes that will help Christians and non-christians understand what it takes to follow Jesus perfectly.  

Let’s start out with the basics.  If you want to be a perfect Christian you’ll want to make sure you attend church regularly.  By that, I mean unless you are sick or on a mission trip you’ll want to be at church every Sunday and make sure you get in at least one midweek service.  

Of course you’ll want to give generously to the work of God at your church.  Ten percent is a good starting place but if you really want to succeed at the Christian life you may want to give 12 percent —  or more. You also need to serve somewhere at church because Jesus came to serve, so a ministry or volunteer position - and double points for working on the kids ministry.  

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re living up to the standard of faith based on your particular church practice.  Religious bumper stickers, door-to-door evangelism, Pro-life work, mission trips, boycotting those non-religious companies that don’t make pro-religious decisions (think Target here … or Disney).  

You’re going to want to make sure that you always have a pleasant smile and demeanor - turn the other cheek and all that.  

Your children should never misbehave, especially in church, and you should make every decision after much prayer and fasting.  

Finally, perfect Christians don’t sin, so make sure that you avoid every thought, action, TV show and movie that might conflict with your faith (yes, Game of Thrones is off limits).

If you do these things you’ll be well on your way to being the perfect Christian —  but you’ll also discover that you can’t be the perfect Christian and you’re not even supposed to be.  

There’s a reason God didn’t leave us with a list like this - it’s unattainable.  Elijah, David, Paul, Peter, Moses, Gideon - they all fell short.

If you’re a Christian, stop seeking perfection and start making progress to look more like Jesus - that’s our goal.  Checking off a religious list was never God’s plan. Love God. Love Others. That’s as close as you’ll get to perfect.  

— Corey Landreth is Lead Pastor at Real Life Christian Church of El Dorado