The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Walnut River West Branch in El Dorado — but the problems in the area hardly stop there.

According to Butler County Emergency Management, both road flooding and river flooding are currently ongoing throughout Butler County. The Whitewater at Towanda and Augusta, as well as the Walnut at Augusta, are steadily rising.

"We do have a lot of water over the roads and rivers on the rise," said Keri Korthals, director of Butler County Emergency Management. '... Where we run into a lot of troubles is vehicles versus floodwaters. It is not a good combination."

Butler County Public Works has issued a list of closed roads. That list only includes roads maintained by the county. Many township gravel roads are back underwater again and not all may be barricaded.

"Be very, very aware of your surroundings and be very cautious when you see water over the road — don't tangle with it," Korthals said. "Take a different route. Some of those areas that are lesser traveled in our county do not necessarily get barricaded. There may be a false sense of security that 'hey I don't see a barricade, so it is passable.' That may not be a case. If you see water over the road, just take a different route."

Currently closed:
*SW 170th between Hopkins Switch and Ohio
*Cole Creek, south of Leon
*Haverhill Rd between SW 120th and SW 140th
*Stoney Creek Rd, south edge of Latham
*NW 30th between Santa Fe Lake Rd and Tawakoni

Anticipated to experience closures yet today:
*SW 70th
*Thunder Rd