This week, May 12 to 18, is National Police Week — and May 15 is designated as Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Augusta Crimestoppers,supported by USD 402 for food and facilities, hosted a breakfast for members of the Augusta  Department of Public Safety and the Butler County Sheriff’s Department for Peace Officers Memorial Day.

At the event, each  officer received a package that contained a thank you for their service, as well as two passes to a movie at the Historic Augusta Theater.  

Members of the Augusta Department of Public Safety and the Butler County Sheriff’s Department were in attendance.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, there have been six officers killed in the line of duty in Butler County.

Patrolman Steve A. Jenkins of the Augusta Police Department died April 24, 1924, of gun shot wounds received one week earlier when he interrupted a burglary at a local filling station. When he ordered the suspect to come out of the building the man opened fire, striking Patrolman Jenkins. Patrolman Jenkins was able to return fire and kill the suspect.

Sergeant Alvin T. Wolf Jr. of the Butler County Sheriff's Office died  April 19, 1982, when his patrol car was intentionally struck by a tractor trailer that was being pusued by other officers for a series of hit-and-run accidents. Sergeant Wolf passed the truck with the intention of getting in front of it and slowing it down. The truck struck his patrol car several times and the bumpers became locked together. The vehicles left the roadway and struck a house, killing Sergeant Wolf instantly.

Sergeant Stephen L. Hopper of the  Butler County Sheriff's Office died May 19, 1979, in an automobile accident while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Undersheriff Forrest E. Richards of the  Butler County Sheriff's Office died Sept. 23, 1962, of a heart attack while chasing a drunk driver on foot. Undersheriff Richards had just arrested the man when the suspect fled. After chasing him approximately 100 feet, Undersheriff Richards collapsed.

Constable William Thomas Cody of the  Butler County Sheriff's Office died June 2, 1885, when he was shot and killed in the line of duty while serving as constable in Beaumont. A $950 reward was put up for information leading the arrest of the suspect.

Night Marshal Charles Schram of the El Dorado Police Department, died  July 13, 1915 from injuries sustained on June 28, 1915, when he was ambushed and assaulted while on foot patrol.

An unknown subject struck him on the back of the head with a blunt object and then pushed him down a flight of stairs. He suffered a fractured skull broken shoulder. He was taken home where he remained under a doctor's care until passing way two weeks later