There are summer camps for working out the body — the ever present sports camps — and for the mind.  In the latter category, Augusta USD 402, will host one one of two Butler County “Camp Invention” camps to help students in grades kindergarten through six explore STEM — science, technology, engineering and math.

“When students sign up for this summer camp, they will be continuing to learn,” said Jessica

Busenitz, an eighth grade science teacher in Augusta schools who will administer the camp for the first time.  “Parents are looking for something to stimulate their kids mind. This will do that, and they will have a lot of fun.”

The camp is part of a national initiative by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Led by local teachers, the  program tries to tap into kids' natural curiosity. Launched in 1990, there are 1,600 programs nationwide. Butler County boasts two of those camps — Augusta and Towanda each host a summer camp.

The Augusta camp will run from June 10 to 14; the Towanda Camp will run from July 8 to 12.  Cost of the camp is $230. Registration can be done online at

This year the camp will feature four different modules — a “Deep Sea Mystery” for creative problem solving, “DIY Orbot” for STEM application, “Innovation force” for Innovation and “Farm Tech” for confidence.

“They spend about 90 minutes doing each thing every day,”  Busenitz said “… It is pretty widespread what they are doing during the day.”

That means that each day student will be working on building scuba diving equipment; work on building a remote robot; take on the role of engineers, fabricators and innovators to conquer villains; amd code robots to turn polluted farm ground into a productive farm while saving farm animals.

The goal is to give students the opportunity to become innovators through teamwork and hands-on creative problem-solving.

“I really love the farm tech module. I think it will be a lot of fun. They will get  a budget. They are learning about the animals on their farm and get their farm detoxified,” Busenitz said. “ The deep sea adventure looks like a lot of fun. They will be designing scuba gear to do deep sea diving around an island they are stranded on.”