I have been following with interest, the war of words about chasing away the nasty ole boogeyman, NextEra energy. I would just like to say to the company, leave these complaints behind and come to western Kansas.

Hodgeman, Ford, and Gray counties would welcome you with open arms. We know that there is no company outside the mega-companies in the state of Kansas that pumps more money into the local economy. It's the gift that keeps on giving month after month.

Ask the Spearville schools what they think of their towers, or Cimarron. I have not heard one complaint from the people who live among the towers. Complaints only come from the few who feel they don't benefit from them, or those who complain because the sun doesn't rise fast enough in the morning. Anything new that breaks the old, habitual method of doing things is always opposed by some.

So if you feel so inclined, move the proposed wind farm farther west. The landowners there will welcome you with open arms.

Ron Harms

Dodge City