The St. James Robotics Club in Augusta was founded in 2015 by children attending St. James Catholic School wanting to compete in the WSU Shocker Mindstorm Robotics Challenge.  Since then, the club has grown and now sends two teams to compete every year in the challenge.  These kids only meet on Sunday's for a few hours and have to learn to build and program the robots to complete their missions, imagine and create a table display, build an engineering notebook,  perform an interview or presentation, and decide a theme to bring all of these elements together.  All of these items are judged during the challenge, and the club has been able to place in the top four every year.  
On March 30, the St. James Robotics Club competed in the Beginner II and Intermediate Divisions at the 19th Annual WSU Shocker MINDSTORMS Robotics Challenge hosted by the Colleges of Engineering and Applied Studies at Wichita State University and co-sponsored by Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems. In these challenges, teams of students, in grades 3-8 or ages 8-14, compete on courses designed by Shocker MINDSTORMS coaches and demonstrate what they have learned to industry professionals and WSU representatives by completing robotic missions, presentations, interviews, displays, and notebooks.
For the challenge, the Beginner II team has to qualify (score points) on four of the five courses built for the Beginner I and Beginner II Divisions.  The courses range from building and programming robots to touch each edge of a table two times without falling off (Table Runner), completing a maze (Maze Runner), using multiple types of sensors to go through an obstacle course (M.O.M.S. - Multiple Opportunities for Multiple Sensors), following a multi-colored line over obstacles (Line Follower), to following a course through towers making tight turns (Towers of Doom).  They also have to build a table display and engineering notebook describing their journey as a team and stand in front of a panel of judges for an interview.  The Beginner II team chose a theme of large cats and were named the "Night Hunters."  They won 1st Place in Display, 1st Place in Notebook, and 2nd Place Overall, with twelve teams competing.
The Intermediate team has to qualify on four of the five courses built for the Intermediate and Expert Divisions.  In these divisions, the courses are not released until approximately two months before competition, are substantially harder to complete, and involve longer programs.  The courses this year were Sort It!, Olympic Rescue, Memory's the Thing, 4-Corner Glow, and Red's Dare.  The Intermediate team competed on the first four courses, designed and built a table display, completed an engineering notebook describing their journey, and gave a six-minute presentation with an interview.  The Intermediate team chose a theme of filmmaking and were called the "GreenScreen Coders."  They won 1st Place Overall, with eleven teams competing.  This is the Intermediate teams 2nd year to receive 1st Place Overall.
The St. James Robotics Club would like to thank its sponsors for the 2019 season: St. James the Greater Catholic Church, Ace Hardware, The Showroom, Bill and Diana Ohman, Alan's Excavating, Michael Clifton, C.P.A., Armfield Dentistry, Chuck Korte Auction & Real Estate Services, Todd & Giannetti Eyecare, and Cooper Drug Store.  They would also like to thank all of the coaches, volunteers, and judges who gave their time to make all of this possible.